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DAVIS Body Luggage™

$2895.00 USD

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Introducing the DAVIS Body Luggage™, the original wearable tool for ergonomic living. 

The Davis Body Luggage™ is the first edition of the Body Luggage™ Collection of MWR Collection. Designed in 2019 as a wearable tool, DAVIS Body Luggage™ is a lightweight carrier bag which allows efficient access to essential tools needed for motorcycle riders, cyclists, and every day users. DAVIS Body Luggage™ 's ergonomic design aids in stabilizing posture, upper and lower back support while allowing the user to store their personal items on the go.

Available in right-handed or left-handed accessibility

This Item is Made-To-Order. 

You may choose your personalized color/material from our leather catalogue.

Our Atelier will reach out to confirm your measurements, color, and material details once your order has been processed.


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